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The bounced booze email Hall of Shame

For the third time in a week, the email address on a spirit company's website bounced back as an invalid address. As I contact a lot of brands, this happens a lot. Boy it's frustrating.

Note to PR people- please check the email address on your clients' websites. If it doesn't work, you're missing press opportunities. And if you're afraid of spam, just set up one of those graphic identifier thingies (I use it for the comments for this blog) to weed it out.

I'll keep adding to (and hopefully subtracting from) this list as time goes on, but here is:

The Bounced Booze Email Hall of Shame

12/26/07 Right Gin from RightGin.com

12/18/07 Milagro Tequila from MilagroTequila.com

12/18/07 jnixon@wgrantusa.com from the William Grant USA website (this may be the address the general email or press email forwards to)

Feel free to send me others or put them in the comments.