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January 2008

SF Event: Strong Beer Month

February is Strong Beer Month once again, and both Magnolia and 21rst Amendment breweries will be putting a list of high-alcohol beers on their menu to help you celebrate. To kick off the party, brewers from both places (both nice guys) will be at the Toronado Thursday Jan 31 to... Read more →

SF Event: 80 beers

This Saturday in San Francisco a two-hour tasting event of 80 beers from around the world. The details are here. It sounds worth the money (if a bit short) at only 30 bucks, but the copy on the flier reads like it was translated from a third grade essay in... Read more →

Absinthe updates

The second batch of St. George Spirits Absinthe Verte goes on sale this Superbowl Sunday. They made a lot more this time so you may actually be able to get some. The first batch went so fast that when I wrote an article about it for Men's Book, they had... Read more →


Here's an event that you need to RSVP to attend. I'll be going to the industry version of it early in the day, as I'm starting to get real interested in rhum agricole. CELEBRATE CARNAVAL WITH MARTINIQUE’S RHUM CLÉMENT CRÉOLE SHRUBB A BARTENDER FAVORITE—LEARN HOW TO MAKE COCKTAILS FROM SOME... Read more →