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February 2008

Tales website getting into shape

The Tales of the Cocktail 2008 website is finally shaping up, and now has a gallery of presenters and special guests. It is gallery of sexy, sexy people; most especially me. I am one of those presenters, giving a talk with Jeffrey Lindenmuth on "Regional American Cocktails." Are you coming... Read more →

Caloric cocktails

Nutritional disclosures could be on the way for menus at S.F.'s chain eateries Boo! I feel like I should support listing caloric information on food and drink menus because that would encourage healthy eating and drinking, but I just don't. It's not like (most) people are unaware that the mocha-choco-latte... Read more →

San Francisco wine events

Courtney at Hip Tastes has scheduled a slew of new wine events in the days and evenings, with themes like "blind tasting boot camp," "salty and sweet," and "Austrian odyssey." Check 'em out. Labels: events, wine Read more →

Video, audio, paper, and web whisky

I just discovered the many whisky videos- most of them appear to be interviews- on Scroll down. Also, if you're not listening to the WhiskyCast podcast, it's time to start. Last week they had an interview with Jonny McCormick, who wrote an article for Malt Advocate magazine about buying... Read more →

Pisco sour and the mint julep of destiny

Guillermo Toro-Lira, author of the book Wings of Cherubs that searches for the origins and true recipe of the Pisco Punch, has turned his attention to the Pisco Sour. In this new post on his website he traces the family of Victor V. Morris, the drink's inventor. While it doesn't... Read more →

A shifty bunch

Those bartenders, they never stay put. If you've been in Bourbon & Branch, surely you've noticed Eric Johnson from Eastside West toiling behind the bar, and recently Thad Vogler of Jardiniere has been seen there too. When last we spoke he was just doing a few shifts a week while... Read more →

Orson and onward

Last night was the grand opening party for Orson, likely to be the only restaurant opening party this year to feature both a fashion show and a sword fight. But I was there to joust with the cocktails, so that's what I did. I had three drinks: a celery gimlet... Read more →