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VinegarWatch '08

Yesterday I attended a mixology seminar at Bourbon & Branch that was also a fundraiser for Les Dames d'Escoffier. There was a panel discussion and drink demo by about eight local mixologists plus Charlotte Voissey, who is in town for the Hendrick's gin dinner at Absinthe on Wednesday.

When asked about the future of cocktails, Cyrus' Scott Beattie said that more people will be interested in where the ingredients in their drinks come from. Absinthe's Jeff Hollinger thinks we're a long ways away from that, which isn't to say he's not optimistic. Greg Lindgren of Rye said he's finding better-tasting and better-quality liquor products on the market that are more useful than flavored vodkas.

As to the immediate future, Hollinger was cooking up a savory cocktail, which included cooked beet and green Szechuan peppercorn-infused gin, Punt-e-Mes, a sherry vinegar gastrique, and a clove-scented cocktail onion as garnish.

What what? Did someone say the magic word? That's right: VINEGAR!

Then on my morning reading list I turned to Morty's Mixology Monday recipe for the Flor de Baya, which includes a cranberry gastrique. That's more vinegar to get your party started folks.

Stay tuned for further coverage on this season's hottest ingredient. VinegarWatch '08 continues!



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Look for a vinegar drink from me in the Chron soon- maybe. It's up to Mr. Clarke.

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