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New word needed

As may be apparent from the name of this website, I love making up new words. But I'm stumped.

Last night a group of friends and I hit Beretta (making this my sixth visit in three weeks, I have a problem) and sampled 13 of the drinks over two rounds. What made it fun is that nobody owned any one drink- we all shared everything, except for Jamie who hogged the Rangoon Gin Cobbler and Marshall of Tailor in NYC, who was the bottleneck in our cocktail-passing circle.

Then we realized we only had four drinks to go to try all 17 cocktails on the menu, so we ordered more. Project!

So now I need a word or phrase that describes having every drink on the menu in one night- the cocktail menu equivalent of a triple crown or marathon or Iron Man.


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Back when I was in university having every beverage at the cafeteria was a 21-gun salute.

Greg Lindgren

God bless you Camper. I hope this is the start of a new trend.


Thorough Quality Control

John Martin

Trying three or more glasses of wine (or food or cocktails, for that matter) is called a "flight."

In golf, a team scoring method where the strokes of several players contribute to the final score is called a "Texas Scramble."

Writing here from Houston (where we do everything in a big way), your cocktail adventure sure sounds like a "Texas Flight."

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