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Drinks at Fish and Farm

There's another organic cocktail program in town at Fish and Farm. Mixologist Brian Livesay uses spirits like Square One vodka and 4 Copas tequila in his drinks, along with some brands not certified organic but that use organic ingredients. Some of the fresh herbs in the drinks are grown on... Read more →


The scotch whisky world is all a flutter with changing international markets. There's a growing demand for scotch in India and China, without enough scotch available to meet expected demand. Many distilleries are ramping up production and beginning to release single malts without age statements (allowing them to combine younger... Read more →

Booze art, booze fashion

I like this trend. Booze companies are getting involved in art and fashion beyond sponsoring events and hiring spokesmodels. Just this week I heard about three different spirits sponsoring art projects: Tanqueray is auctioning off original artwork on from graffiti artist Stash. [via UrbanDaddy] 1800 Tequila is putting out... Read more →

Aged cachaca

I've had some great aged cachaca that makes me wonder what all the caipirinha fuss is about when you can drink this stuff straight. The New York Times did a nice piece on the subject. I like the taste of wood that's not the traditional American/French oak. Labels: cachaca Read more →

Bottle service busted in Boston

I hate bottle service, but I know it makes a ton of money for nightclubs. Recently the Boston Herald reported that the licensing czar in Boston started busting clubs for offering bottle service, saying it violates the state's prudish laws that also ban happy hour discounts because it encourages people... Read more →

Grappa in the SF Chronicle

By me, in today's SF Chronicle Italy's Fiery Grappa the Latest Spirit to Go Upscale by Camper English Several spirits have overhauled their previously negative reputations in recent years. Tequila lovers now pay up to several hundred dollars per bottle, and consumers who wouldn't touch gin three years ago now... Read more →