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Bourbon, Branch, and Boudreau

Prepare yourselves. The wonderfully talented Jamie Boudreau will be guest bartending at Bourbon & Branch on May 28th and 29th in the library room, bringing along his own cocktail menu. Will make drinks with beer liqueur? Olive caviar? Blowtorch something? We shall see. Boudreau was until recently behind the bar... Read more →

Tequila Terroir

Run screaming to your local newsstand to pick up the June issue of Wine & Spirits magazine, with the Top 100 Value Wines on the cover. Also on the cover is a mention of a story inside on Tequila Terroir, written by me. Hooray! My pal Jenn Farrington took the... Read more →

Links of possible interest

While catching up on my reading and email from vacation, I'll likely be doing lots of linking to other stories rather than the deeply intellectual thought-provoking essays you've come to expect from So it goes. I just discovered that the Wall Street Journal has a nice Food and Drink... Read more →

Top recipe searches

A communications consultant for sent me a list of the top cocktail recipe searches on the site over the past two weeks. I think this is probably a good indication of what drinks people are trying to make at home. Are the bloody mary and cosmo influenced by Mother's... Read more →