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Don't quit your day job

The title I wanted for this story in July's San Francisco Magazine was "Take a Shift Where You Eat," but I can see why they didn't go with that :) Don't quit your day job Thanks to new amateur hours, dilettantes can give their dream careers a trial run. By... Read more →

How to lose a drinking contest

Fla. Man Dies After Taking 23 Shots in 30 Mins. "Apparently [other bar patrons] were describing the shots as 'cherry bombs,'" said Callaway, referring to a shot of liquor that is typically made by combining cherry-flavored vodka with Red Bull, a popular energy drink.This begs the question: Are they sure... Read more →


I emailed with Dushan Zaric, an owner of Employees Only in New York, to ask about the rumor of a San Francisco outpost that's been going around town. The word is: "We are currently not working on a SF Employees Only although it is in our plans to eventually open... Read more →

Last night in London

The last night of our too-short press trip to London with Plymouth gin, we hit the town for a second night of barhopping. First up was Salvatore's at Fifty, a bar owned by legendary bartender and author Salvatore Calabrese. He told us stories of serving martinis to the queen, inventing... Read more →


Hello chums. The Plymouth gin distillery, it turns out, is just as beautiful as they say, but much smaller than I imagined. Just one big copper pot still makes all their gin, and they don't even need to run it full-time. Beyond the distillery tour, the building holds a restaurant... Read more →

Wish you were here

Last night we hit the London bars, stopping in to the Lonsdale, Trailer Happiness, Montgomery Place, then later Mahiki. I think Montgomery Place was my favorite, though I loved the Jersey Sangaree from Lonsdale. We tore up the dance floor at Mahiki late into the night, drinking out of coconuts... Read more →