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How to make a gin and tonic, if you have a lot of time and chemical equipment on your hands

Tonight I stopped into the Martin Miller's Gin & Tonic competition at Beretta. The winner of the event was Jennifer Colliau of Slanted Door, who had some sort of bitters frozen into ice that slowly changed the flavor of the drink as it melted. Clever.

But the most interesting drink was designed by Joe Parrilli who works at Bacar. To make his drink, all you need to do is:

1. Make some dehydrated lime slices

2. Create spheres of tonic with gold cake decoration using molecular mixology techniques

3. Make some gelatin gin and tonic

4. Carbonate some gin

5. Assemble the drink and enjoy

So go ahead, it's easy!

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Joe made a PERFECT deconstructed g&t ! Alot of work, the poof the drink has been eatin !
I am so happy that Jello-Shots are back ! ;-)

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