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DISCUS, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, launched a new Repeal Day website that tells about the history of Prohibition. They also have excerpts from Gary and Mardee Regan's and David Wondrich's books, a long with a list of Prohibition-era recipes.

I've always thought that DISCUS was in a tough position. They report on facts and figures- every time you see sales numbers for spirits they're the ones who compiled them; they are the main voice of moderation campaigns in the United States, and they lobby to get pro-drinking legislation passed while being chummy with politicians. They promote the ability to drink more while suggesting people drink less and are anti-regulation while being part of the government system. It's got to be a weird niche to fit into.

Anyway, the Repeal Day website is another part of that. They're calling out states that still have blue laws on the books- no Sunday sales of alcohol, no election day alcohol sales, no sampling of liquor like you can do at wineries, and other laws dating back to Prohibition. So while it's an informative look at the lasting effects of Prohibition, it's also an advocacy campaign to repeal laws leftover since Repeal Day.



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