This hot new thing called vinegar
Sacto gets its own cocktail week

For every cocktail, a song

Somehow (probably by not owning a functioning television) I missed the whole Bacardi Mojito song/dance craze until someone told me about it a couple of weeks ago. Here it is on YouTube. It's catchy as all get-out so I can see why it's popular. It even has it's own dance moves- let's all do the muddle!

I was looking for it today and found this dance video of young kids doing it- at what looks like summer camp or a middle school talent show. A girl plays the bartender in the corner and the kids all do synchronized club moves on stage. OOPS. I'm sure some people on Bacardi's PR staff are jumping out of tall office windows right about now.

Today I received a press release for a new branded song- "Caipirinha" by Jinga Boogie, which is sponsored by Leblon. The bottle shows up in the beginning and end of the video, and the record label is listed as "Leblon Productions". It's not a bad idea, since so many people can't pronounce "caipirinha"- and now they can sing it.

Some of the lyrics are funny:

"You muddle me like ice in your glass
My essence changing, you’re crushing everything
I want to be reborn in you
I want to be new!"

Then later...

"You've been with me all this time-
I have this inner faith in you
You're like sugar to my lime!"

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thx Camper - kai-pur-EEN-ya indeed...

check out the dance video done by Miranda and her friends at NYU:

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