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Many margaritas

The SF Chronicle has a story today on variations of the Margarita, with or without triple sec, etc. Funnily enough we were just talking about this at Tales of the Cocktail. I think the consensus among experts like Jacques Bezuidenhout and Robert Hess (who were speaking on the Margarita at Tales) is that if it doesn't have an orange liqueur like triple sec, Cointreau, or Grand Marnier, such as the Tommy's Margarita with just lime, agave nectar, and tequila, it technically isn't a margarita.

Still, they argued that it's necessary to explain what the drink is in terms people know at this stage in the game- people who want a Margarita would be hesitant to order a Tequila Gimlet. It's a slippery slope, of course, as most of the same people would say that all the variations of a Martini (Appletini, Summertini, Bacontini) are not Martinis at all.

It's funny that the category of foundation drinks that is lime, sugar, and spirit doesn't have its own name. We have the Gimlet, Vodka Gimlet, Daiquiri, Caipirinha, and Tommy's Margarita for gin, vodka, rum, cachaca, and tequila. Each of these drinks allows the base spirit in a cocktail to shine through, just diluting and sweetening it so you don't have to take a mouthful of raw booze.

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