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July 2008

Glossy Booze- late July edition

From the glossy magazines that cross my desk... This month, nearly every magazine had one story on Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, one story relating to the Mad Men television show, and an ad for Bombay Sapphire. Odd. Food & Wine (August) lists of eco-friendly spirits with which to mix. Playboy... Read more →

Many margaritas

The SF Chronicle has a story today on variations of the Margarita, with or without triple sec, etc. Funnily enough we were just talking about this at Tales of the Cocktail. I think the consensus among experts like Jacques Bezuidenhout and Robert Hess (who were speaking on the Margarita at... Read more →

Sacto gets its own cocktail week

We've been seeing more Sacramento bartenders down in San Francisco lately, as they've started a sub-chapter of SF's United States Bartenders' Guild. Erick Castro from Lounge ON20 & Chicago Fire sent me information on Sacto's first Midtown Cocktail Week this August. The website is here, and this is the schedule:... Read more →

For every cocktail, a song

Somehow (probably by not owning a functioning television) I missed the whole Bacardi Mojito song/dance craze until someone told me about it a couple of weeks ago. Here it is on YouTube. It's catchy as all get-out so I can see why it's popular. It even has it's own dance... Read more →

The taste of Los Angeles

I'd heard that Absolut was launching a Los Angeles-inspired flavor to add to their line of city-specific flavors that began with Absolut New Orleans (mango and pepper) last year. It made me wonder, what is the flavor of LA? I finally received the press release. Los Angeles tastes like "an... Read more →