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The gallery of shakerface

I love the faces people make when they shake cocktails- everyone has their own style. My favorite shakerface of all time is that of Tony Abou-Ganim, who gnashes his teeth and makes an orgasmic grunt every time he's got a shaker in his hands. He makes it sound like he... Read more →

Independent Bottlings

In this past weekend's Wall Street Journal, Eric Felten discussed independent bottlings of scotch whisky. I always thought independent bottlings were confusing to the consumer (and me), but it makes sense when he put it into historical context: Scotch distilleries traditionally did not themselves bottle or market their whiskies. They... Read more →

SF is very GQ

GQ Magazine came out with a list of the 20 Best Cocktails in America in a nice big spread in the magazine. Four of them come from San Francisco bars- Elixir, Range, Beretta (pictured), and the Buena Vista. Unfortunately, the selections nationally are a bit inconsistent. Some of the picks... Read more →

Drinking at work

Ad Age reports that more and more agencies are installing in-house bars as employee bonuses. These are usually agencies that represent alcohol brands, so it makes sense (Can I use the word "synergy" here? That's so adsy of me!). Ad Age's list of agency in-house bars in New York, Chicago,... Read more →

Bang a pong

I've lived in San Francisco more than a dozen years and have been to the beach here less times than that. That's why we need beach-themed events to simulate the warm climates of Southern California. This weekend, the Guardsmen host a fundraising beach party, with the proceeds going to help... Read more →

avocado cocktails

The NYTimes reports on an avocado cocktail (with mescal) on the menu at Macondo in New York, an outpost of Rayuela. They also list a few other avocado drinks around the country: Several years ago, Lucy Brennan, the owner of Mint and 820 Lounge in Portland, Ore., noticed the similarities... Read more →