Pisco in 'Cisco
Martini, with a meaty garnish

Speaking of pisco

The most significant (and embarrassing) fact I learned at Tales of the Cocktail is that pisco is not, in fact, made from whole grapes. According to Diego Loret de Mola of BarSol, it's made from the fermented juice of grapes, just like regular brandy/cognac/armagnac.

I don't remember where I read/heard that pisco was made from whole grapes, and I especially don't want to know how many times I repeated this information incorrectly. But that's what learning is all about- not just learning new stuff, but learning when you're wrong, wrong, wrong.



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Same feeling Camper. . . I had been confused about that one for a long time. I'd heard both.

Though didn't Diego still say that some Chilean products may use the whole grapes?


I also mentioned it in passing somewhere on my blog. Roundup of one of the days at TOC I think.

Still on the subject of pisco, if you haven't done so already you really need to have a pisco sour at Alembic. The one I had there had the most amazing foam. Nice presentation too. They use a chalice type glass that concentrates the aroma of the garnish better than a cocktail glass.

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