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I just heard from Victoria Damato-Moran, who tells me she's been hired at La Mar Cebicheria, the new Peruvian place on Pier 1 1/2. She'll be holding down the day shift (the woman loves happy hour), while Enrique Sanchez of Tres Agaves will be the lead bartender at night. I don't know Enrique yet, but I know I love some pisco. The restaurant is scheduled to open mid-September, but you know how these things go.

Speaking of delayed restaurants with great bartenders, Dominic Venegas says the five-or-so months-delayed Gitane on Claude Lane should also open in September. When it does, he is scheduled to take a Wednesday shift. In the meantime, he's taken on the Thursday shift at Range and he's still working at Bacar on Fridays. Carlos Yturria, his Friday co-tender, is taking a Wednesday shift at Range.

More news tomorrow...


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Can't wait for La Mar to open. BTW -- do you know of any places in sf that carry the Macchu Pisco brand?

Camper English

I am pretty sure I've seen it, though I can't recall where. When it doubt, try Cantina.

Julie Godar

Justin is doing all the chairs for that place - you going to the opening?

Camper English

For which one? La Mar or Gitane? I haven't been invited to either opening yet.

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