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The Big Easy Book of Cocktails

Cocktails Made Easy by Simon DiffordSimon Difford's latest book is a departure from his previous works, as well as from the current cocktail book trend generally. Instead of the 2500+ recipes in his Difford's Guide books or the sometimes complicated seasonal drinks requiring exotic ingredients, Difford's new book Cocktails Made Easy includes 500 drinks that can be made with only 14 ingredients. That'll save some space in your bar.

"This book does indeed make cocktails very easy - allowing over 500 different cocktails to be made with just 14 Key Ingredients. Within the book there is a step-by-step pictorial guide to making drinks at home, with tried and tested tips to make things even easier. Every style of glass is listed, garnishes are clearly explained plus there is a colour photograph of every cocktail listed so you can see how the finished drink should turn out."

I assume those 14 ingredients are all spirits and don't include the juices and sodas as mixers, but still I think this is a great idea. More information here