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Another Win for Vinegar

Neyah winner Congratulations to San Francisco's Neyah White, who took home the top prize at the 2008 Vinos de Jerez Cocktail Competition with his Sherry Shrub.

As we know, a shrub usually equals vinegar plus a fruit of some sort. I don't know what the other ingredients were in the drink but hopefully they'll be published soon.

Neyah beat out contestants from six states, including fellow San Franciscan Joel Baker who makes a mean sherry cocktail himself. Neyah wins cash (a rare treat in these things), a scholarship to the B.A.R. program next September in New York, and trip to Jerez in Spain.

When he's not traveling the world to collect prizes, you can find Neyah White running the bar program at NOPA in San Francisco.


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If his winning cocktail was the sherry shrub drink they were serving at NOLA back in July then it's very tasty. For some reason that drink stuck in my mind more than most I had during that visit. Possibly the relatively low booze content helped the memory stick.

I think it was raspberry shrub, possibly with some lemon in it as well. There seemed to be a lemony edge to the thing.

Coincidentally I tried recreating the drink myself a few days ago. My attempt was nice but didn't quite nail it.

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