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Gift Week: Frivolous Friday

Gift Week on Alcademics continues with Frivolous Friday- the day for expensive and awesome stuff!

Barcabinet Eventually you fill all of your kitchen cabinets and need to start storing bottles in the living room, which is where this Modine Bar from Pottery Barn comes in.  It has hidden wheels, a built-in drip tray, and stores tons of booze as well as bartending accessories and glassware. Be sure to order it by December 15th to get it to my house by Christmas.

Power trio open Want something a little smaller? Then how about this three-pack of Dom Perignon? It has one each of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000, Dom Pérignon Œnothèque Vintage 1995 and Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1998. It would make a lovely gift for me and will only set you back $1500.

Remymartin1989 A relative bargain for this page at $320 is the Remy Martin 1989 Cognac. Most all cognacs emphasize the art of blending between different years, but not so this single-vintage bottling, the first by Remy released in the US since 1965. I have the remnants of a bottle at home and can tell you that it is so very, very delicious I hide it in the back of my liquor cabinet so that I don't drink it empty. It's definitely in the top spirits I've had all year and I am getting so darn thirsty writing about it that I'm going to have a glass of it right now. 

Lastdrop One product that sounds expensive just for the sake of being expensive is The Last Drop 1960 Vintage. The story goes like this: in 1970 someone made a blended whisky of 70 malt whiskies and 12 grain whiskies, then stuck the blend in sherry barrels and let it sit for 36 years. Now there are 1347 bottles in total of it and they're charging appropriately: The stuff goes for $2,000 per bottle. I would dismiss it entirely as a marketing gimmick if not for the awesomely great 95 rating it was given by Malt Advocate. Now I just want a little sip. Little sip?