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Recommended Bottles in the SFBG

Glossy Booze: Mid-December Edition

Glossy Booze is a round-up of alcohol stories in glossy magazines.

-Playboy (December) has a story on recommended bottles of scotch, divided into Speyside, island malt, Highlands, and blended whisky categories. There are recipes for the Roby Roy, Aberdeen Angus (scotch, honey, lime, Drambuie), and Black Jesus Shooters (one part Jagermeister to two parts scotch). Also in this issue, best winter brews.

-Best Life (December/January) has a story by Sang Yoon (owner of Father's Office restaurants) on recommended champagnes. Sunset-cover-nov08-m

-Sunset (November, which just showed up to my house in December) has 10 wine-based mini-esapes.  In the December issue, there are three mocktails from Lucy Brennan of Mint and 820.

-Bon Appetit (January) lists the recipe for the Isle of Pines cocktail (pomegranate juice, rum, grapefruit juice), a list of essential bottles for the home bar, and a blurb on Mud Puddle Books' reprints.

- In 7x7 Magazine, Jordan Mackay has a story on half-bottles of wine, and another on hot drinks like the Spanish Coffee. The story and recipe are online. Also on the 7x7 website is a commercial eggnog taste test.



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