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December 2008

San Francisco: Vodka-Free City

Once upon a time, more specifically around the turn of the millennium, several bars would brag about their extensive vodka selections. It was the age of the Cosmopolitan and the Vodka Martini, you'll remember. I believe Club Mighty had a separate vodka bar, and I seem to remember a smaller... Read more →

Gin and Tonic: Now Gin-Free!

Imbibe Magazine's blog points to a new flavor of soda: Dry Soda Company's Juniper Berry soda. The editors tell us it tastes like a non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic. But the problem with non-alcoholic drinks is their complete lack of alcohol. To me, this product sounds like it will pair magnificently... Read more →

Gift Bagged

A liquor store in New York was fined $10,000 for selling wine gift bags. Apparently, you can't do that in the same place you sell wine. You may sell glasses and corkscrews or give away gift bags for free, but selling them is illegal. WTF? Read more →