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Pairing Battle, Round Two!

We interrupt Gift Week on Alcademics for a very special announcement. The second installment of the Fifth Floor's "Three on Five" pairing battle will take place next week! For a chance to win TWO tickets to this event, see below.

On Wednesday, December 17th at 7:30PM, a new pairing challenge will take place at the Fifth Floor Restaurant. Like gladiators with glassware, three beverage experts will compete to see who can pair wine or beer or cocktails better with food. Last month the Fifth Floor's Master Sommelier Emily Wines emerged victorious. This month she faces two new and ferocious competitors, and an entirely new food menu. Can she do it again?

FifthfloorAt the Fifth Floor restaurant and lounge in San Francisco, Executive Chef Jennie Lorenzo will prepare a five-course dinner in the Chef's Room next Wednesday for this special event. The competitors will pair their liquids with each course, and diners will decide who did it best. From an economic standpoint, this means 15 drinks and a five-course meal for the regular price of $125.

The competitors:

  • Reigning champion and Master Sommelier Emily Wines will be in charge of Wine pairings. 
  • Mixologist Daniel Hyatt, the man who makes the beverage magic happen at The Alembic bar, will create the Cocktails. 
  • Craig Wathen, owner of City Beer Store, will head the Beer pairings. Wathen has over 500 beers in his arsenal. Which will he bring to the table?

These people are all very fun professionals who really know their stuff- I've met them all before and think they're just dandy. From an audience standpoint, everyone I spoke to who attended this competition last month thought it was a great time with excellent food and service. I'm happy to promote the event.

Tickets for all this booze and the five-course dinner are just $125. You can reserve your space for the event by calling the Fifth Floor reservation line at (415) 348-1555. The event is called "Three on Five" so make sure to reserve for that.

*A chance to win tickets from Alcademics*

Aplusbanner160x160Sign up for the Alcademics A-Plus email list and you'll be entered to win the contest. Want to increase your odds? Email this post (or a link to it) to your friends and cc: [email protected] on the email. For each friend who signs up to the A-Plus email list, you'll be given an extra chance to win. (And if one of your friends wins, it will only be polite for him or her to bring you as their guest, thus doubling your odds again.) 


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