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Bay Area Distillers Messing with Agave

Hey, it's double-bonus tequila Friday here at Alcademics!

I just learned that my Chronicle story on Bay Area distillers and business owners making tequila here or in Mexico went live today. The print story should be out this Sunday, in the newly-merged Food & Wine sections.

Tequilatime copy

Read the story here.


  • Julio Bermejo of Tommy's Mexican Restaurant is building his own distillery in Mexico.
  • Miles and Marko Karakasevic of Charbay Distillery and Winery made tequila in Mexico at the famous La Altena distillery.
  • Lance Winters and Jorg Rupf shipped agave to Alameda and distilled it there. This lead to a series of unusual efforts.

Each distiller is taking an entirely different approach to the process.

Go read it, there are some juicy news items in there.


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nice piece on the different approaches.

is st george's output (377 gallons for those 40,000 pounds of pinas) typical or the result of so much trial and error?

Camper English

Thanks- While it takes a lot of agave to make tequila in any case, I would guess those numbers are on the super-low side. In Mexico all the equipment is specialized for the task of rinsing sugar out from between the strands of agave fibers, while here they had to try it with a dog food grinder.

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