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Here are some things I liked reading.

The Washington post has a rare story on bars in DC- rare in that it reveals the profits of each bar.

Winecooler Most people who collect wine probably have more than four bottles if they need a separate wine refrigerator, but you'd be pretty much the coolest cocktailian on the block if you used this under-cabinet wine cooler to store four separate types of vermouth.

The Boston Globe takes on one of the great questions of our times: is it a beer cozy or a beer koozie?

And here's a handy home craft for all those newly unemployed folks with too-much time on their hands: How to make your own cocktail umbrellas.


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Doug Winship

I expect a few of the Vermouth-heads to climb all over each other trying to be that coolest cocktailian.
Then a bunch of Vodka types will figure out how to make it a freezer and ruin the party....

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