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Ice Balls Made Easy

While everyone in their right mind would love one of those fancy giant ice ball makers that go for $1300 and up, they're not the most practical solution for the home mixologist. [Note: since this post went up we've come up with lots of great solutions for clear ice balls... Read more →

Whisky Saves Yet Another Life

News from the BBC: A man who became trapped beneath his sofa for two days said he survived by sipping from a bottle of whisky. Joe Galliott, 65, lost his bearings during a power cut at his home in Yeovil, Somerset, and fell against the three-seater which toppled onto him.... Read more →

Newsy Whisky

John Hansell, publisher and editor of Malt Advocate, evaluates trends in disappointing whiskies under the guise of the question,"Why are there still disappointing whiskies?" He knows perfectly well why, and says so in the introduction: Call me a purist, but I thought the goal here was to make great whisky,... Read more →

Rachel Maddow and Cocktails

News-tainment person Rachel Maddow seems like she's funny from the clips I see around the internet. But increasingly I'm impressed with her cocktail knowledge. I read somewhere early on that she's a fan of rhum agricole, which is usually a sign of awesomeness. There was an interview with her in... Read more →