Liquid Dieting
New Booze: Absolut Mango

Better than Heroin

Alibipomegranate I generally call bulls**t on all hangover cures and preventatives but this is a hangover preventer (okay technically it prepares the body to process the toxins it is about to receive on a night out) that helps heroin growers not grow heroin.

Okay what? There is a beverage called Alibi "Active Pretox Drink" (granted, an awesome name) that has milk thistle and ginkgo and "herbal extracts" and citrus stuff. It is sold in England.

But for the new pomegranate flavor the company donates money from each can sold to the POM354 program, which helps replace heroin-producing opium poppies in Afghanistan with pomegranate plants. Each can you drink prevents one heroin injection, so the more you pretox the more addicts you save.

Or something.