Sand in the Vermouth
Vodka, the Next Big Thing in 1954

Gaga for Campari

The new Lady Gaga video has some unusual Campari product placement, in that they seem to be enjoying it in an underground station while Lady Gaga, with her usual aversion to wearing pants, waves a light-up Gandalf-style staff around.

Campari, the choice of subway disco wizards since 1860.


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Blair Frodelius

I was thinking that Svedka might be more appropriate.

Destroy Rock And Roll

Ok Lady Gaga - she's driving me crazy! Not my cup of tea. She'll be done before summer!


Haha wow "Destroy Rock and Roll" couldn't have been more wrong, eh?

@Blair - I work for the company who owns Svedka and we would have killed for that product placement. I'm trying to find out how Campari did it (I worked for them in the past as well). Quite intriguing!


oh i love retrospection

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