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February 2009

Better than Heroin

I generally call bulls**t on all hangover cures and preventatives but this is a hangover preventer (okay technically it prepares the body to process the toxins it is about to receive on a night out) that helps heroin growers not grow heroin. Okay what? There is a beverage called Alibi... Read more →

Cachaca Intensive

A couple weeks ago, I attended a cachaca intensive with Minister of Rum Ed Hamilton and Cabana cachaca distiller Cesar Cestari. Here is some of what I learned. Up to six grams per liter of sugar may be added to cachaca without declaring it on the label. Between six and... Read more →

Yr Doin It Right

It is frustrating when I find a product I want to write about only to learn it is only available in New York or one other metro area. I feel guilty writing about it because it's not practical for most consumers to try the product. On the other hand, when... Read more →

Where's Martin?

As many of you now know, Martin Cate of the fabulous famous tiki bar in Alameda, Forbidden Island, is no longer of Forbidden Island. He parted ways with his business partners recently and will no longer be working/managing there. Martin says he's at work on another venture but won't tell... Read more →