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New Booze: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

Fireflysweetteasmed New Booze is an occasional introduction to new spirits on the market.

Firefly Sweet Tea vodka has been on the market for less than a year, and it has finally made its way across the country to California.

While new flavors of vodka are usually only worth mentioning when they're weird, and I'd rarely go out of my way to try one ("Just send it in the mail," I'd command, from my desk of power) I'd read a few rave reviews of this. So when brand co-owner Scott Newitt came to SF, we met for me to try it.

Most flavored vodka tastes like vodka with flavor added, but this one tastes like sweet tea (iced tea to us Northerners) with vodka added. The alcohol is subdued enough (it's 35%, so a little less alcoholic than unflavored vodka but on par with some other flavors) that you could drink it on its own, but amazingly, equal parts Firefly sweet tea vodka and water with a slice of lemon ends up tasting just like a refreshing glass of iced tea.

You may have consumed drinks before where you said, "Oh my, this is dangerous, because I could drink a vat of it." This is one of those. I went through my first bottle in a few days- and that's only because I was trying to make it last. (Confidential to PR company: SEND MORE. LARGER BOTTLE.)

And a cocktail that's just booze and water? Hell yes. I am a lazy drinker a lot of the time, and with this stuff you'll never run out of mixers.

They hit the jackpot with this flavored vodka, and can benefit from the fact that it's flavored vodka and they don't have to be all that serious about it. As Newitt said, "This isn't  cognac, this is just fun."

**Update- see this post and this one about other sweet tea vodkas on the market.


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how much is it for a bottle? i hella wanna try this new one out!

michael j

im down for new vodkas, i just saw a black vodka at the liquore store too


Sweet tea vodka?? wow thats different. Gotta pick some up!


This is the best flavor vodka I have tasted !!!! Just need to sell it to the regular folks here in NJ.

Daniel Batchelder

I tried it recently thanks to a friend visiting from South Carolina (weird). First, On ice, then I decided to make an Arnold Palmer out of it. Awesome. Then, we decide to make Arnold Palmers with a KICK by using Mike's Hard Lemonade. AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!


Mix the firefly sweet tea vodka with pink lemonade on ice and you've got a Jack Nicholas. Best drink EVER! And something with the pink lemonade makes hangovers (for me at least) a non issue! I'm so addicted I carried it with us on summer vacation in case they didnt sell it there. For anyone having trouble finding it locally, check out the liquor stores near colleges. The college crowd has taken to this drink big time!


Oh, you are SO right about this one. Literally tastes exactly like a really good glass of sweet tea at 50/50 with water.

LOVE this, and I have no shame... STV with sushi, with burgers, at home, for draaanks with friends. LOVE.

The smaller bottles are usually around $18 or so, the handles $35ish. Worth every flippin' penny (and I'm a cheapass).


I bought this about a month ago and I LOVE IT, and with water and lemon it really is just like a nice sweet tea. I highly recommend it.

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