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NYC: Meet Pimm's Number Three

Oops- I've known about this but forgot to post it for all you Pimm's fans in NYC

The Bowery Hotel will begin serving Pimm’s No. 3 Winter (brandy-based liqueur and infused with spices and orange peel) in the Lobby bar. It’s brought in from the UK and not available in the U.S. The Bowery’s director of Food & Beverage, James Stuart, and a Brit is spearheading the project.

Unlike the traditional gin-based Pimm’s Cup that is served with bitter lemon soda, Pimm’s Winter Cup is served warm with Apple Juice, Cinnamon, and Green Apple.

The drink will be available until they run out of their stash of Pimm's No. 3.

Pimm's Cup 001

Here is their drink recipe:

Pimm’s Winter Cup

1 parts Pimm’s No.3

3 parts Local Apple Juice

Star anise

Cinnamon Stick

Slice of green apple

Slice of orange

Warm the juice with the spices and fruit, gently. In a heavy glass mix with Pimm’s and serve.