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February 2009

Vegetailians Rejoice!

In my job I'm usually the only vegetarian in the room and always the only one at the pairing dinner who has to pair all of his cocktails with salad. Being a vegetarian was never inconvenient until I entered the spirits industry, but now all my meals are planned for... Read more →

Employees Trading Branch

When I was in New York a couple of weeks ago I was able to stop into both Employees Only and the Macao Trading Company, which was opened by some of the same crew. The two places had similarities- both were very much busy, sceney bars rather than the quiet... Read more →

New Booze: Gran Centenario Rosangel

New Booze is an occasional introduction to new spirits on the market. Gran Centenario's Rosangel tequila has already hit a few stores and will roll out for real in March. Unlike most flavored tequilas (not that there are that many of them) that are made from unaged blanco tequila, Rosangel... Read more →

Tailor Two Times

Two weeks ago I was in New York for a brand launch that coincided with a party for Saveur Magazine and David Wondrich and Tales of the Cocktail at Tailor. It was a fun coincidence because the last time I was in NY a little over a year ago it... Read more →

Idiot-Proof Glassware

Thanks to the Dallas Morning News for pointing me to this terrific tale of intoxspiration. "About two years ago, I started noticing that people carrying martini glasses were spilling their drinks," says [Renee] Williams, a full-time information technology professional. "The glasses looked sophisticated, but they weren't functional." So keeping consistent... Read more →