NYC: Meet Pimm's Number Three
Yr Doin It Right

Where's Martin?

As many of you now know, Martin Cate of the fabulous famous tiki bar in Alameda, Forbidden Island, is no longer of Forbidden Island. He parted ways with his business partners recently and will no longer be working/managing there.

Martin says he's at work on another venture but won't tell me anything about it. Is it a new bar? A book? Gender reassignment surgery? I don't know because he won't say. Feel free to add your theories in the comments.

This secrecy is cruel and unusual treatment, since I knew about his departure from FI before I was permitted to tell anyone. Keeping the secret was burning holes in my brain! I like sharing, is that so wrong?

Anyway, for all y'all who may want to pay Martin millions of dollars to design your bar menu or have him make drinks at your tiki wedding or be the brand ambassador for your rum, you can find him at That's a secret he doesn't mind me sharing.