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Camper Wins with Pisco


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Paula Forbes

My boss made red velvet cupcakes with chartreuse frosting for an event, and I was SO EXCITED that she meant chartreuse booze...but she meant food coloring. Sad.

Camper English

Ha! Chartreuse frosting though... hmm..

Blair Frodelius

All that lovely Tanqueray 10 sloshed on the floor and tabletop! Arrrgghhh! And what's up with using Stock vermouth? Ick. At least they used Gary's bitters!

Alas, I think Rachel forgot the cherry....

Blair (who had a nightcap of Chartreuse green just last night, and can verify it does NOT taste like hell)


She presents craft cocktailmanship before a huge national audience and uses the opportunity to... insult Charetreuse. Sigh.

Also, WTF is up with jiggers with handles? Who the hell thinks that actually makes sense? You can't even set it on the bar while pouring without it tipping over.


The first time I had Chartreuse was when a friend bought a round of shots at the end of a night of drinking. I saw him the next day, and he asked me if I liked it (which I did). As a joke, I responded, "It was terrible! It was awful! Where can I buy my own bottle?" This has now become a running joke.

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