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JiggerBeakerGlassCover I had always wondered about the composition of Charles H. Baker's two-volume set , The Gentleman's Companion. I own a reprint called Jigger, Beaker and Glass: Drinking Around the World with just drink recipes in it, but wasn't sure from what parts of the originals it came. Luckily I belong to a private library that has both volumes of the book in perfect condition so I checked them out to see.

It turns out the two books have slightly different titles:

The Gentleman's Companion Volume I: Being and Exotic Cookery Book
or, Around the World with Knife Fork and Spoon

The Gentleman's Companion Volume II: Being an Exotic Drinking Book
or, Around the World with Jigger Beaker, and Flask

The first one is all food recipes, the second is all drink. The Jigger, Beaker, and Glass reprint is nearly an exact reprint of the second volume (with the notable exception of the title).

I scanned in pages of the introduction to the first volume, as those are harder to come by.The first couple are below, the rest are here




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I've been desperately trying to track down a copy of the South American Gentelman's Companion, a second two volumn set written by Charles Baker focused on travels through South America.

Know anywhere that it can be found for less that 400 dollars?

Camper English

Unfortunately I don't have any secret sources for books. I would also love to see that one.

David Cole

This brings to mind a question for me: which bar in San Francisco makes you feel most like a gentleman when you drink there? Followup: is there a better feeling?

Jim Newkirk

As a matter of fact, I have a set of the South American G.'s C. on my shelf, purchased a good fiften years ago when my Baker-mania was running high. It's not bad, but doesn't really equal the original in spriteliness or originality of content. The South American volume was commissioned, as I recall, by Pan Am as an indirect way of promoting their international services, and the result has something of a perfunctory feel to it, as though it were an assignment to be dashed off as quickly as possible; whereas the original Companion has always come across as notes from a richly-lived life. The original is the one you want to open your wallet for; if you have that, you have the essential Baker.


I have the 1946 set so beautiful.....perfect condition but not box to hold the books. ;-(
I love the Dedication:
"Contrary to current routine this volume is not dedicated to Publisher, Wife, Friend, Mistress or Patron, but to our own handsome digestive tract without which it would never have seen the light of day."

LOL !!

Camper English

I feel the most gentlemanly drinking at Bourbon & Branch, where you're escorted to your own table like an old jazz club... without the jazz.

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