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In Peru, They Just Call it Punch

Amargochunchobitters With Pisco Sours all the rage these days, people have been seeking out real Peruvian bitters to dash atop the foam of their drinks instead of Angostura. I found them available for sale in the US at PeruCooking.com.

The Amargo Chuncho bitters have the cinnamon/allspice flavors of Angostura, but with some bright cherry notes to them as well.

I also got some instant Pisco Sour and Pisco Punch mix from the site. Both mixes are made with freeze-dried ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and egg whites in the sour mix, and pineapple, orange, and lemon juices in the punch mix. (The online description says it contains sugar and gum Arabic as well, but the package does not.)

The advantage to these mixes is that all you need is booze to make them. The disadvantage is that they don't taste like fresh juices because you're not using fresh juices. But both of them taste just fine.


I made the Pisco Sour first. The directions specify a blender, so I used it. Blending the mix with pisco and ice/water creates a nice foamy head on the drink, but it does lack the gooey mouthfeel of fresh egg whites. The foam on top of the drink stays in foam form rather than sinking into the drink- at least at the rate at which I consumed it.

Then I made the Pisco Punch. For this one, you just blend it with water and pisco (so you could shake it if you have a gigantic shaker) and then add it to an ice-filled glass. The drink has an oddly interesting flavor that I can't quite identify, but that I do quite like.


For both of the mixes, both of which are imported from Peru, it's funny that they don't actually say "Pisco Sour" or "Pisco Punch" mix- instead the word "Pisco" is just stuck on a sticker. I guess that's because in Peru, they just call it punch.