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Rock Candy Swizzle

GrandmaSwizzle 0021s You know how there's the regular Margarita with orange liqueur and the Tommy's Margarita without? I decided to make an orange liqueur swizzle stick to bridge the gap.

To do so, I made rock candy out of Grand Marnier. I made a syrup out of 4 cups of water, 1.5 cups of sugar, and half a cup of Grand Marnier.

Then I suspended in a bamboo skewer in the syrup and waited. And waited and waited and waited. I had to wait about a month to get crystals to form in this amount. And that's a long time for one drink.

It occurred to me later that I'm an idiot, and the alcohol would prevent crystals from forming. Next time, I'll condense the orange liqueur more by simmering it, or dry it out overnight in a food dehydrator so that it's just a sugar.

In any case, it looks cool. After all this effort, I'm a little afraid to actually use it.


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Is that supposed to be 1.5 cups of SUGAR? It's not much of a syrup without.

Camper English

Yes! Corrected. Thanks.

Jane Tunks

Camper, this is getting dangerously close to culinary territory.

Camper English

Hush your mouth!


Camper is a fan of the Cadillac Margarita, who knew?

Mildly simmer that Grandma and then catch it on fire and burn off the alcohol. That'll do it quick.


What a wonderful geek you are! and yeah youré close to food territory..;-D

You waited a month eh? well THAT´s patience.



Wow! Great experiment :) You are close to chemistry territory ;)

One month of sugar crystallization? It is sience, man, real science! (Try to prepare more rich syrup - 3 sugar : 1 water, I think it must crystallized more quickly...)


Funny that I found this tonight; I just attempted to make rock candy replacing the water for an apple Smirnoff (I'm not a fan of any type of alcohol but I wanted an interesting apple taste for my first attempt at these sweets). I used One cup (8oz approx, i added a little more) of Smirnoff to three cups sugar, heating the Smirn first to a bubbling boil (didn't take long) and added the sugar bit by bit (it looked like magic, seeing the calm cool bubbles act up and foam once the sugar made contact!) after all the sugar was dissolved and the liquid had a glossy liquid syrup-y look, i turned off the heat, let it cool while I prepared my lime-green coloring (i wanted to use the neon green look of kryptonite to make kryptonite on a stick *Superman, Watch out!*) and poured away. I'll have to reply after a few days pass to update whether it worked or not, what you said about the alcohol worried me, but smirn doesnt have such a high alcoholic content, specially once I boiled it. I tried the leftover syrup. YUM! At least as a syrup coating for ice cream or cakes it should be nice!

Camper English

Thanks and please do keep us updated. I made another recent attempt using a dehydrated (to a syrup) liqueur with all the alcohol out, and it took more than a week to start really crystallizing. So it might just take a super long time.

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