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Alcademics in Mutineer Magazine

Mutineercover In the April/May issue of Mutineer magazine, there is a 12-question survey with a bunch of cocktail bloggers, including your pal Camper of Alcademics.

It's fun to see how different answers are on some topics (making your own ingredients, ingredients we'd like to see used more) and how similar on others (absinthe, vodka vs. gin).

The magazine, while still finding itself editorially, seems to be coming together rapidly. This issue is a big improvement over the others I've seen. They've got a more equal distribution of writing on wine, beer, and spirits, and have expanded into coffee as well.

A subscription is ten bucks for one year (six issues)- less than the price of a cocktail in many bars.


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Why is coffee always lumped together with booze in these mags? From the amount of space dedicated to it in Imbibe you'd think the coffee drinking demographics was keeping it afloat.

Camper English

I think they're all lumped in together under "beverages to nerd out about"

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