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Here is that Drink I was Talking About


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Camper English

Here's a great peeps email I got- check the link:

I saw your Peeps post and thought you'd dig this. I just posted a story called 'Marshmallow Peeps on the Internet - A Study'. I went around the web, found all the Peeps sites worth visiting, and put them in one place. Over 150 of them, including 2 links to Peeps a Tinis, which sound nasty.! Marshmallow Peeps are the 'bacon of the nineties' in that along with being delicious and bad for you, they've both captured the imagination of the internet. If don't know if you were planning on doing a story on Peeps this week, but if you were, I'd appreciate you considering if my post is worth a link or mention to your friends. (Short URL)


I can't believe you skipped drinking with us to stick skewers through Peeps. They did turn out cute, though. ;)


You know, there's a contest going on right now, for the best Peep Drink, on — free to enter, with a great prize :)

-Aaron Sylvan, Editor

p.s. sorry for the plug, but since it seemed so completely on point, I thought it would actually bring value, not spam

Camper English

I don't mind relevant self-promotion at all. Thanks for your comment.


Need to try :D

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