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Easter Ice

CleareggssYou know how I made those cool ice balls before? Well, they really come out looking more like eggs, which inspired me to make some ice eggs for Easter cocktails. Again I just used water balloons filled at the sink.

Note: I experimented with water to see if the powder inside the balloons was changing the taste of the drinks. It does a little, but this can be softened. Since I have to fill these from the tap, the influence of tap (versus filtered) water is present. But I noticed a big improvement when I rinsed these balloons after freezing to remove a slight plasticy taste. So: rinse before filling, then rinse the outside of the ice after freezing.

Then I got to thinking: clear eggs are boring. This is Easter, after all, and the only thing good about Easter is decorating Easter eggs. (Revision: the brunch drinks are another good thing.)

So after filling my balloons with water but before tying them, I added a drop of food coloring to the balloon stem then tied them up. The results are awesome!

 Glasseggsangles Coloredeggsglasss
An index of all of the ice experiments on Alcademics can be found here.


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ICE-ster Eggs

c'mon, what did you expect from me?


Those look fantastic Camper- well done.

Sam Harrigan

best...easter eggs...ever

Veggie Wedgie

This is awesome!!

beth - the wine school

Wish I'd seen this, well, a week ago. Gorgeous!


Gorgeous little ice cubes. All sorts of possibilities for color themed parties as well.


That is WAY awesome! I want to make some.


Here's what I'm working on-- instead of using food coloring, I want to try small amounts of different liqueurs and other ingredients. You have to use enough so that the ice gets the color (and flavor, of course) but not so much that the alcohol (if it's a liqueur) makes it impossible to freeze. I'm thinking this will result in a way to sort of "slow release" ingredients and flavors into the drink-- maybe for variations on drinks or different combinations, so that over time your screwdriver becomes a Harvey Wallbanger or your Tom Collin suddenly gets a hint of grenadine.

This would add a new dynamic to drinking these drinks as well, as you would have to be aware of the fact that the longer you enjoy your drink, the more it will taste like whatever's in the drink. (Which is also a factor to consider in making the cubes.) Or you could freeze things like berries and things into cubes!

This is a long comment, sorry.


When I said "the more it will taste like whatever's in the drink," of course, I meant "whatever's in the ice."

Camper English

Pete- I've had some really great drinks made with ice made from coconut water, and another one with bitters frozen into the drink. I love your idea that the drink could change from one to another from screwdriver to harvey wallbanger!


A lot more , haha no im just kidding so cute love it

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