Bountiful Bourbon
New Kentucky Derby Cocktails


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Fatemeh Khatibloo

We actually made bacon-infused bourbon this weekend, and I've been playing with it. A dash of mezcal actually seems like it would be interesting...


Hilarious! I'm going to try and make this at home. :)

Max W



I'm finding rinsing the glass in Zwack (rather than absinthe) works well - adds just a slight sweet tone to the whole thing. The fresh lemon works better with the tequila (or mezcal) than the limoncello (that's for Vitamin C of course!). The bacon-ness works.
Would love to hear about variations that might actually work with this concoction! :-)

Thanks Camper!
Robert ( /

Camper English

Dear god, you're actually drinking it??? You must be delirious from SWINE FLU!



I tweaked the recipe (same link above) - it's actually quite good now (with or without the bacon, but you know, you gottta have it...). Like a whiskey sour.

Now even the non-feverish will enjoy! :-)

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