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Three Types of Liquor in Two Different Drinks

I noticed that there are two drinks being served in San Francisco with whiskey, gin, and white wine. Weird.

At Beretta, the Jeepster contains Sazerac Rye, Sarticious Gin, and WeissBurgunder Pinot Blanc, plus bitters, lemon, and simple syrup. The drink is a slight variation of The Jeep that barback Matt Harrison found in a vintage cocktail book from the 30's or 40's.

At Gitane, the Jittersauce contains Teacher's scotch, Plymouth Gin, and sparkling wine, plus bitters. This drink can be found in Kingsley Amis' book Everyday Drinking. Amis says:

This smooth-tasting drink, Robert Conquest tells me, was popular in some circles at Oxford in the late Thirties. It is a translation into action of the words of Cab Calloway, who at that time was in the habit of singing:

If you want to be a jitterbug,
First thing you do is git a mug;
Pour whisky, gin and wine within,
And then begin.

But try not to go on too long.

Compare and contrast. Go.


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Steve Raye

Camper: Two questions: What was the brand of Weissburgunder you used? And do you think it makes a difference?

Camper English

I don't know the brand. There are equal parts gin, rye and wine in the recipe so the brand might be less important than in some drinks, but I would imagine it does make a fair difference. I don't know enough about wine to guess beyond that.

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