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A Catchy Tune About Drinking Irresponsibly, Brought to you by Patron Tequila

Oh my, this advertisement song by Paradiso Girls featuring Lil Jon and Eve called "Patron Tequila" kind of has "major club hit" written all over it.

I kind of love it, cheesy as it is. I have the refrain stuck in my head, where I do not want it. It goes like this:

I want Patron, tequila
I'm drunk on margaritas
And Patron, tequila
Me and my mamacita

The call to get shitfaced is repeated not just in the line "Who wanna get drunk?" that's called out many a time, but also in this verse:

By the end of the night I'm gonna have you drunk and throwing up
By the end of the night I'm gonna have you so! messed! up!

Methinks people are going to go crazy for the song. And that people at DISCUS are going to go crazy about the song. 

*Update* Patron responds- see comments.