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A Catchy Tune About Drinking Irresponsibly, Brought to you by Patron Tequila

Oh my, this advertisement song by Paradiso Girls featuring Lil Jon and Eve called "Patron Tequila" kind of has "major club hit" written all over it.

I kind of love it, cheesy as it is. I have the refrain stuck in my head, where I do not want it. It goes like this:

I want Patron, tequila
I'm drunk on margaritas
And Patron, tequila
Me and my mamacita

The call to get shitfaced is repeated not just in the line "Who wanna get drunk?" that's called out many a time, but also in this verse:

By the end of the night I'm gonna have you drunk and throwing up
By the end of the night I'm gonna have you so! messed! up!

Methinks people are going to go crazy for the song. And that people at DISCUS are going to go crazy about the song. 

*Update* Patron responds- see comments. 


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Camper English

A representative for Patron responds:

The song is catchy, yes, and we wish Paradiso Girls much success with it, but in no way is it “brought to you by Patrón Tequila.” The band named and recorded that song independently on their own, without any involvement from The Patrón Spirits Company. And while we’re flattered that they enjoy Patrón tequila enough to sing about it, we certainly don’t endorse the lyrics about irresponsible consumption of our, or any, beverage alcohol product. As a matter of fact, all of our advertising includes a message to drink responsibly.

Chip and Andy

Crap that really is a catchy tune.....

And I like that Patron responded and didn't go all legal and try and pull it.


Well, Patron wouldn't do anything to discourage people from talking about their product in songs. Rap is a massively powerful marketing tool for alcohol - see Cristal, Hennessy, Courvousier, Remy Martin, Grey Goose, 1800, on and on - and it's fair to say that Patron's current success would have been entirely impossible if it wasn't for the fact that their tequila became a status beverage.

One might also suggest that rap's influence on the market has been instrumental in helping tequila rise above the do-shots-of-something-awful-like-Cuervo-and-throw-up image it's had previously, and really benefitted other brands as well. if Patron is the luxury item, it's much easier to convince someone that spending $40-50 on high-quality bottle from another tequila producer is worth their while.


Though the amount of product placement in that video in general is staggering.

Continued commentary: It's probable that Lil' Jon has a generalized endorsement deal with Patron. Accordingly, while the company isn't directly responsible for the content of any given song, there's a bit of you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours going on.

As far as music goes, I vastly prefer The Team's (non-endorsed) "Patron."

Rap nerd AND drink nerd over here...

Robert Simonson

What an idiotic song. It makes "99 bottles of beer on the wall" seem deep.


I don't know Robert. I love it. Maybe it was the video. I didn't even notice the music and words for the first few minutes!

I'm all for responsible consumption. Isn't that right Camper?



I'm so thirsty all of a sudden.


No endosrements from Patron ever for celebrity involvement

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