Glossy Booze: Late June Edition
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Knob Creek: Thanks for Nothing

Beverage journalists are used to receiving bottles in the mail, but until now those bottles have always been full. In a fun PR trick this June, Jim Beam brands sent writers a box with a neatly packed bottle of Knob Creek bourbon- empty- to show that this year's supply that was put in barrels in 2000 has been depleted.


The enclosed press release, entitled "Thanks for Nothing" included a thank you note for helping to make the brand successful, and letting us know that full bottles will again hit store shelves in November of this year.

As this is the only press kit that's actually made me laugh, I thought this was worth a post. Now where do I go to get this bottle filled?


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I'm not on their press list, but just as a regular consumer they sent me a t-shirt with an upturned empty bottle on the front with the "thanks for nothing" slogan on it. Funny stuff.


That's hilarious. Pretty good actually, but umm, yea, they should have sent you a certificate or something to be able to redeem a full bottle! :)

Mr Manhattan

I understand that many distilleries have been facing shortages due to the increased demand for bourbon in the last 5+ years. For brands w/o an age statement on the label one solution is to meet demand by poaching younger barrels. Remember: bourbon only needs to see two years in oak before it can be sold as such.

Mario Endurci

Well, the bottle looks nice, although it would have looked better filled with that great tasting bourbon.

Col. Hector Bravado - Denver Six Shooter

Definitely clever. I enjoy Knob Creek, but always had a bit of skepticism about the "limited supply" brand claims from distilleries that bill themselves as small batch. I'm not an industry watcher by any degree; as a consumer, in the back of my head, I'd always think "C'mon, really?" This is a great way to underline something central to their brand, although I agree that a full bottle is always preferable.

big wave dave

i got a t shirt too,but it was size small.
so gave it to a girl with the biggest tits i could find.
i still have a full bottle though


Quoting "big wave dave": "so gave it to a girl with the biggest tits i could find."

Hats off to you sir! Your contributions to the rest of mankind have been noted! Good show!

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