The Third Annual Tales of the Cocktail Swag Awards
Tales of Tales of the Cocktail

Come See me Talk at SF Chefs.Food.Wine

The weekend of August 5-7 is a new huge food event in San Francisco called SF Chefs.Food.Wine.


There's something missing from that title, of course, and that's cocktails. Worry not! There will be plenty of cocktails there too. In fact, I'm talking about cocktails on Friday August 7th at 10:30 in the morning.

Cocktails Get in the Mix
Location: E&O Trading Co.

Some believe that East Coast cocktails are more grounded in tradition, while those from the "Wild West" are more focused on our local bounty of produce. Explore the diversity of drinks Bay Area cocktail gurus create, learn about basic "families" of cocktails, and discover why San Francisco is a melting pot of cocktail culture. Camper English (editor, Alcademics), Duggan McDonnell (Cantina), Thad Vogler (Bar Agricole)

The description doesn't really tell you much about what I'll be speaking about. I'll be narrowing that down with the bartenders this weekend, but I hope to be talking about the different styles of cocktails in San Francisco and where to get them. Nuveau Latin, Eco-Classicist, Farm-Forward Constructionist? These are terms I just made up to describe some of the drinks around town. Will I use them in public? You'll have to come to find out. I think you need to buy a day pass to access the session, but that gets you a whole lot of other food, wine, cocktails, and lectures.