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What Would You Ask Cuervo's Maestro Tequilero?

Alcademics has very intelligent readers. Oh yes you are! And I am lucky to have access to some top distillers, brand ambassadors, and other industry people and meet up with tons of them when they come into town. So I thought I would see if Alcademics readers had questions for industry folks I am meeting. I'll take your questions to my meetings and get responses to post here. This could be an ongoing series if it works out.

On Thursday (July 30, 2009) I am meeting Francicso Hanal Alfaro, Cuervo's Maestro Tequilero and Araceli Ramos, Director at La RojeƱa, the Cuervo Distillery. What would you ask them?

Cuervo, as we all know, puts out that mixto tequila product that all tequila lovers love to hate. (Mixto tequila is fermented and distilled from a mix of at least 51% agave plus other sugars.) They also put out several lines of 100% agave tequilas including Reserva de la Familia, and some of them are quite delicious.  Yet many people's college memories of drinking Cuervo turn them off tequila for life. It must be a tough (though hugely profitable) situation when your low-end product gets all the attention.

Do you have any questions for the Cuervo reps? Agriculture, production, products, economic climate, etc? Put your questions in the comments section (or email me to keep them anonymous). Just keep it classy, okay?


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Here is what I would like to have the men address:

Earlier this year a partnership between the University of North Carolina and the University of Guadalajara produced an article in the Journal of Rural Studies that was very critical of the state of the Tequila Industry.

It asserts that the massive growth in the production during the last decade has led to a marginalization of the traditional small agave grower and a rise in industrial farming practises (pesticides rather than traditional pruning.)

How does an industry leader like Cuervo, that prides itself so much on tradition and history, jusitfy this trend towards factory-style farming?



When is Cuervo Man coming back?


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