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Elderflower Power

ThatchersElderflower While it didn't take long at all for several sweet tea vodka imitators to launch after the initial success of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, elderflower liquors have been slower to be created in the wake of the incredibly successful St. Germain elderflower liqueur that launched a couple years ago.

Just recently though, Thatcher's Organic Elderflower liqueur started hitting the market. And now the new Absolut vodka city series has been announced: Absolut Boston will come in black tea and elderflower flavor.

If only that was sweet tea and elderflower, we'd have a megatrend.


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I saw an add for Thatcher's products on the back of the last issue of Imbibe and I was quite intrigued. Have you had any of them and if so how are they? I don't think distribution has reached New York yet. Not a vodka fan but the Absolut cities series is interesting and I have to admit that I did enjoy the New Orleans bottling

Camper English

Distribution info is on the company website. Even in California the full line doesn't appear to be in stores yet. I have not had the opportunity to try any of them, but I'm most looking forward to the Chipotle.

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