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USB Drives are the New Press Kits

I get a lot of press kits in the mail. Lately the USB drives they put the images and information on have been getting really colorful.

You know how some people have really awesome collections of vintage barware and cocktail books from the 1800's? Maybe in 50 years I'll have the biggest collection of branded thumb drives and novelty muddlers. Then you'll be jealous!

USB press kits for tanteo, grand marnier, southern comfort, beefeater 24, the glenrothers, cuervo 250


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Gee, all the ones I get are from law firms - I go to the WRONG trade shows and events....


Press kits come with USB drives? Seriously? What happened to good old CD-ROMs?


I just got one from Tanqueray, and it's basically the size of a credit card with 4GB of storage. I WILL be keeping that one, fits right in the wallet.


Medical research scientist in the corner. I got a pen drive that was shaped like a liver at my last meeting. If I can get another, I will send it to you to add to your collection.

Robert Simonson

I have tons of those things. My kid thinks they're cool.

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