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New Booze: Ciroc Flavors

Ciroc is a grape-based vodka made in France. I sat down with the brand's creator, Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, at E&O Trading Company in San Francisco and learned little more about it and the two flavors launching this winter.

I hadn't realized it before, but Ciroc is made a little bit like gin. About 95% of it is made from ugni blanc grapes that are distilled in a tall column still. Around 5% is made from more floral, aromatic Mauzac grapes in a smaller column still. Then the two are blended and redistilled in a pot still- that's the part that's a bit like gin.

In January/February of 2010, Ciroc will release its first flavors. The flavors are only 35% alcohol (compared with the unflavored's 40%). They'll come in Red Berry (strawberry/raspberry and other fruit flavors) and Coconut (which tastes fairly authentic for coconut).

Frankly I'm surprised that any brand is releasing new flavors these days, but I'm sure if they're doing it there must be a demand. Coconut?