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A Workout Program for the Cocktailian Lifestyle

Here's a workout program for those of us who drink professionally or over-indulge recreationally. Cosmo Curls? Ha!

Sweat Out the Booze Boot Camp

 A new, fun and exciting boot camp is starting up and you are invited!  A little fuzzy from your night before, pounded down a few too many cocktails?  Get your groove back with SOB Boot Camp.

These are just a few of the exercises we'll being doing to clear your head:

Lynchburg Lemonade Lunges: Never have balance issues again when you've had a few too many.  You'll maneuver yourself right back up with no wobbling!  Plus your quads will have great definition in your sheer mini.

Pink Lady Push Up: Need a dairy lift?  We'll achieve it with rotational push ups to side plank.  This is a tough one, but you'll be a lot tougher than this foo foo cocktail.  Some broad working your dude?  Throw it in her face with confidence!

Cosmo Curls: You'll be able to curl a lot more than just a martini glass filled to the rim.  Have confidence as you raise your glass to toast your new beau.  Hammer curls are also great for throwing down a shot or two!  Nothing is sexier than a confident woman with nice guns.  You might even be  beat him in arm wrestling!

Where:   Alamo Square Park
When:  Choose from Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, 8 or 9 AM
Cost:   $100.00 for 5 classes (5 week sessions) Discounts for multiple classes per week
What to Bring:   A yoga mat, water and appropriate weight dumbells

Contact Joe Peteque at  415-794-2664 or via e-mail @ to reserve your space.

(I don't have any affiliation with this program- just thought it was funny.)