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An Online Course in Cognac

I'm increasingly interested in how different alcohol production/control and marketing bureaus differ from each other in their approach to promoting their common interests. The Scotch Whisky Association leads by litigation and has good information on its website, but doesn't seem to do all that much outreach to press. Neither tequila's CRT (regulatory agency) or the CNIT (industry bureau) is doing a good job of any sort with regard to PR, seemingly leaving brands to do the work. Lately I've noticed the Cognac Bureau, the BNIC, adding new programs, hosting events, and launching online tools that are actually useful. Go cognac!

Case in point: the Cognac Training Toolkit. This is an online course of sorts, split into three levels:

  • Introductory Level One (VS), for beginners
  • Intermediate Level Two (VSOP), aimed at those who need a deeper knowledge of Cognac for work or pleasure
  • Advanced Level Three (XO), aimed at professionals, journalists and students in advanced courses.
  • Cognacscreenshot

    The "courses" are more like good PDF text outlines and accompanying Powerpoint slides, so you don't really get the narrative but instead the key facts and figures about cognac in either beginning, intermediate, or professional length. The translations into English aren't perfect by a long shot, but it seems you can understand what they're saying fine enough.

    I started reading the Advanced level course and it looks really informative. I've read a couple books on cognac lately so I'll probably skip the rest for now, but should I ever need to check a fact, I think this will be the place I'll go.  

    The Cognac Training Toolkits are here.